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At 3S we are dedicated to making a yoga experience that is athletic, fun and accessible.  We provide a safe, non-judgemental environment encouraging flexibility, strength, energy and community.

Our signature 3S class is a HIIT (high intensity interval training) yoga movement class that will strengthen your body, stretch your muscles and sweat the rest out.

Our vinyasa classes connect breath, body and movement creating a dynamic, athletic yoga experience.

We couldn't be happier to open our first yoga studio in Richmond and are grateful to have found the teachers and community that we have found. 


Come join us and see what we can do for you!

We would love to have you


-Nadeya Ward-

owner/creator of 3S Yoga 

Meet our crew!

We are here for you so please let us know what you need

Nadeya Ward

owner and creator of 3S Yoga

Originally from Roanoke, VA, but always ready to explore Nadeya decided to go to school at NYU. She ended up in Los Angeles for 11 years where she studied yoga under Tamal Dodge at Yoga Salt and continued her training with Tamal in Costa Rica. She is a 500hr-RYT.

Missing the beauty, people and life in Virginia, she was ready to come back!  It has been her pleasure to bring her energetic vinyasa as well as her 3S class to Richmond. She couldn't ask for a better community.

E-RYT500 & Certified Meditation Coach

www.sarahkanephotography.com01_ 2.jpg

Izzy Shurte

Izzy fell in love with yoga while in college, however it was the catalyst of losing her dad suddenly at twenty-nine years old that prompted a committed daily practice.  Izzy received both her 200 HR and 300 HR training at Asheville Yoga Center. She is also Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in Mindfulness and Acceptance Based therapies and Somatic Inquiry.

Izzy believes yoga is about showing up.  Each day on the mat provides an opportunity to practice joy, lovingkindness, compassion and equanimity for oneself so that one can show up unconditionally for others.  Above all she is grateful to have been guided by skilled and compassionate teachers including Andy Matinog, Emily & Vince Horn, Stephanie Keach, Michael Johnson & Stephanie Johnson, Lillah Schwartz and Kristin Luna Ray.

  Izzy is inspired by the root texts of yoga, the power of mantra to bypass the mind and move the heart, and by anyone moving forward in the direction of their dreams in spite of fear.


Elany Prousalis

Lany believes the discovery of one's own potential for creative energy, strength and wisdom, can be found through the practice of yoga. Her classes have a quest for freedom and fun, while concentrating on the fluidity of movement with the breath. Lany has completed Michael Hamilton's Ashtanga Teacher Intensive and her 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification with Sandra Pleasants from the Iyengar tradition and Jennifer Elliot of Ashtanga Yoga

Elany Prousalis.jpg

Sara Garrett

Sara got into yoga after needing a real mental shift in thinking. She started off with online classes and loved how the movement got her out of her head and into her body. She kept a strong home practice for several years before finally receiving her 200 hour vinyasa training at The Yoga Dojo. Yoga has single handedly changed her perspective on life.

sara garret.jpeg

Norah Hazelgrove

Norah began practicing yoga in 2006 and is a certified 500 Hour RYT, an E-200 RYT, and YACEP. She specializes in Vinyasa yoga, and is also experienced in Yin, Restorative, Pranayama, and Mantra and Mudra meditation. Her formal training stems largely from the B.K.S. Iyengar method of yoga as well as K. Pattabhi Jois’s Ashtanga yoga. Norah has studied under the guidance Doug Swenson, Baron Baptiste, Kathleen Barratt, Caroline Wybar, Angela Phillips, Robbie Norris, among others and has been greatly influenced by the work of Rolf Gates, Rodney Yee, Shiva Rea, Erick Schiffman, and many more.

Her classes are both physically challenging (you can expect to sweat ☺ ) and meditative. She invites her students to feel at ease in their own skin, to play, to observe, to breathe and to approach each moment as an opportunity.

Photo 4.jpeg

Kat McCrory

Kat started doing yoga in High school and then continued throughout college before she had her 1st training in 2016.

"Being a student as well as a teacher, and dedicating time to myself helped me immensely through trauma, loss, fear & anxiety. It made me realize we can have the power to tune in, observe, and see within. As Yogi Bhajan said : "...When you light a candle it shines bright and spreads that light around it, and removes the darkness". Meditation, yoga, and self awareness/love can help with lighting that flame inside you that is wanting to shine" , Kat says. As her practice and passion for learning grew, she continued in various trainings in 2018, 2020, and 2021.

Kat has been learning, growing, and expanding into making yoga a lifestyle not just a practice. Challenging herself and students daily to activate the power to tune in and observe without judgement not only on the mat but off the mat too. She has a deep passion to help people realize how much strength they have to be/notice/pause/connect/and more. She meditates every morning, creates daily, and am interested in freely moving and practices on tuning more into oneself, she uses these 4 main points as driving forces in her classes and believes that through this practice we can practically, actively, and consciously move through ourselves, with ourselves, in order to know ourselves better.


Lauren Trotta

Lauren has been a yoga practitioner since 2003, drawn to the balance of mind and body it encourages. After many years of exploring different practice styles and benefiting from many talented teachers, Lauren felt the nudge of responsibility to share these lessons with others and completed her 200-hour teacher training through YogaWorks in May of 2020. Lauren’s classes utilize a traditional vinyasa flow to focus on breath and alignment to make yoga accessible to a variety of levels. 

Lauren Smaller Version, Crescent.jpg

Jordan Ganz

Jordan is from Southern Maryland. His first experience with yoga wasn't until he was hired to take photos at a yoga and ayurveda center in Sri Lanka. After the first class he was hooked! By the end of the following year, Jordan had received his 200h RYT certification from Shiva Rishi yoga school in Varkala, India. Jordan previously taught classes at a surf and yoga camp in Morocco. Jordans classes will challenge you and encourage you to connect with your breath!

Jordan Ganz Pic.jpeg
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