Masks are required upon entry but once you are at your mat they are recommended but not required. The space in the studio between students is quite large and safe. Cute, comfortable, breathable masks will be available at the studio for $12.


All classes are also available on zoom. 

People may enter one at a time, leave their shoes by the front door. We do not want people congregating by the cubbies, so they are blocked off for the time being. You can place any belongings by the wall closest to your mat 

Please respect each other's spaces.

There are mat markers demarcated with blue tape where you can set up your mat. You may put your mat at an angle for pilates.

For full classes and weather permitting, both doors will be propped open to allow for air movement.


Students MUST HAVE THEIR OWN MAT. If you need props- blocks, blankets, firm pillows- you will need to bring your own. If you need a mat, please contact us at 3SyogaRVA@gmail.com for recommendations. If you want to clean your mat after class, bring your own mat cleaner or clean when you get home. We ask that  students do not share.


There is sanitizer by the front door and in the bathroom. We strongly suggest that you sanitize your hands before and after touching any surfaces. The studio will be thoroughly wiped down before and after class. Bring your own water, and please do not use the water fountains for now. 


Students may only use the bathroom before or after class. If you frequent the bathroom, please arrive to class early so you can have the space closest to the bathroom so you may utilize it whenever you need.


Students are only allowed to come to the studio if signed up before class, which means NO WALK-INS. Sign-ups need to happen at least 1 hour before class. Doors will be locked at class time and will not be unlocked for late students. An intern or teacher will check you in when you arrive, and you will not need to touch any shared iPad. Students must cancel at least 8 hours before class, and if they are not able to make it, there will be a $15 cancelation fee if this procedure is not followed. With limited amount of students allowed into classes, and a small waitlist, this will be a strict rule. The time and space is valuable not just to 3S but to your community of students as well!

Thanks for your patience and support! We look forward to seeing you in the studio soon!