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Class Packages


5 Class Pack

12-month expiration


10 Class Pack

12-month expiration


20 Class Pack

12-month expiration


Drop-In Class

12-month expiration


Student/Teacher Drop-In

12-month expiration, with ID

Intro Offer


Intro Offer

30 days unlimited yoga
New students only!


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1-Year Unlimited

  • Unlimited access to studio classes

  • 1-Year commitment to your practice
  • Discounts on specialty classes and workshops

  • 30 day cancelation notice at end of the one-year contract required


6-Months Unlimited

  • Unlimited access to studio classes

  • 6 Month commitment to your practice
  • Discounts on specialty classes and workshops

  • 30 day cancelation notice at end of the six month contract required


Monthly Unlimited

  • Unlimited access to studio classes

  • Month-to-month unlimited commitment to your practice
  • Discounts on specialty classes and workshops

  • 30-day cancelation notice required

  • Auto-renews monthly

Private Classes


One Person


Two + People

3S Interval 50 & 60

Our signature 3S class is a interval training yoga inspired workout that will strengthen your body, stretch your muscles, and sweat your heart out. A mix of yoga, pilates, barre, and interval training, all set to a timer so you can go at your own pace and get the strength and power that you need. Push yourselves in this class and get out of your box. You will be surprised how much fun and the workout you will get in this class. 


FLOW + FLY 75 is our traditional vinyasa 75 class with additional cueing and guidance throughout to guide you into additional balance and inversion options throughout your practice. Each class will have a unique inversion focus that will be taught and your practice will lead up to. 
 This class is intended to help you challenge your individual practice!


Slow Flow

A slow movement, all over feel good yoga class. Slow Flow is a practice that combines the grace of Vinyasa with an unhurried pace, allowing practitioners to explore the postures with mindfulness and intention. Emphasis is placed on the seamless connection between breath and movement, creating a moving meditation that promotes relaxation, balance, and strength. If you're seeking a mindful and meditative Vinyasa practice that allows you to luxuriate in each pose, Slow Flow is an ideal choice.



At 3S, our Yin class is rooted in the principles of stillness and surrender. Yin Yoga is a practice of long-held, passive poses that work on the deeper layers of the body—ligaments, joints, and fascia. You can expect to primarily practice on the floor in stillness. The practice encourages a meditative mindset, fostering mindfulness and self-awareness. Find Your Edge. Find Stillness. 


Sunday Yoga

Sunday Yoga is a class like no other! The studio becomes a sanctuary and a great sense of community awaits. Sunday Yoga consists of community connection coupled with an intentional sequence of movement and stretch. All are welcome in our Sunday sanctuary!

Vinyasa 50, 60, & 75

At 3S Yoga, our Vinyasa class is a powerful, fun practice that blends movement, heat, and mindfulness. In this class, you'll engage in a series of creative and flowing sequences designed to get you sweating, enhance strength, and cultivate a deep mind-body connection through breath. Movement is synchronized with the breath, creating a powerful moving meditation that creates strength and endurance in the body and mind.

Whether you're looking to build strength, improve flexibility, or simply enjoy a challenging and flowing practice, Vinyasa welcomes you to sweat, strengthen, and stretch. 

Rocket Yoga Flow

Rocket Yoga Flow is a dynamic and invigorating 60-minute journey inspired by the innovation of Larry Schultz. The Rocket sequence is a modern interpretation of traditional Ashtanga Yoga, designed to challenge and inspire practitioners to explore their edges and break through limitations. Join us for a high-energy, playful, and empowering experience that takes the principles of Ashtanga to the next level. This is a creative and spirited practice that combines the structure of Ashtanga with the freedom to explore variations and modifications. This class places an emphasis on strength, flexibility, and the joy of fluid movement. 


Restorative Yoga is a practice of deep rest and relaxation, offering a sanctuary for the body, mind, and spirit. In this class, participants will experience a series of restorative poses, each supported by props such as bolsters, blankets, and blocks. The focus is on surrendering into each pose, allowing the body to release tension and promoting a sense of ease.

Vin/Yin 60 & 75

Seamlessly weave the powerful energy of Vinyasa with the restorative stillness of Yin in our Vin-Yin class. This class offers the best of both worlds, combining the powerful and sweaty flow of Vinyasa to build strength with the grounding, meditative qualities of Yin to promote deep release and balance. In the first half of the class, you'll move through a rhythmic Vinyasa flow to energize the body and awaken your inner vitality. The second half transitions into Yin Yoga, inviting you to surrender into stillness, promoting flexibility, and cultivating a sense of inner calm.


Sound Bath

You will be encouraged to find a comfortable position, lying or sitting, and with eyes closed, take in the sounds emitted from instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, chimes, etc. The sounds of the sound bath allow you to enter a meditative state to down-regulate the nervous system and create a sense of ease and clarity.

Class Descriptions

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