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Drop-In Class

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Class Descriptions


Our signature 3S class is a interval training yoga inspired workout that will strengthen your body, stretch your muscles and sweat your heart out. Bring yoga mat and water!


Vinyasa classes connect breath, body and movement creating a dynamic, athletic yoga experience. Feel the flow and the best vibes in this class.

Vinyasa 75

Vinyasa flow with Extra Stretch.
A vinyasa style class warming up your body with xtra time to stretch and elongate your muscles.

Bhakti Flow 75

Bhakti Flow is an integrative all levels vinyasa flow class that includes exploration of yogic philosophy, guided meditation, pranayama, (breath work), asana, (postures), mantra and freedom to discover your own flow. Expect to work hard in this class with fun inspiring music, multiple ways to press against your edges, creative circular patterns of movement, ample humor and thought provoking ideas to help you live your yoga on and off the mat.

Stretch and Restore

A deep stretch yoga and meditation class. Get still, get comfortable and allow your body to heal and renew. Strength grows in moments of letting your body rest and recuperate.

Slow Flow

A slow movement, all over feel good yoga class. Gain strength and flexibility in this class. Slow down, stretch deeper, and leave feeling wonderful. 


This 75 minute class is half vinyasa and half yin. The yin half is mostly on the mat and holding poses, so get cozy as you relax and open.

Prenatal Yoga

Take part in a community of women preparing their bodies, minds and souls for the beautiful and transformative experience of motherhood and birth. These classes are meant to nurture both mamas and their babies with postures and sequences specifically for the journey of pregnancy. Prenatal Yoga has many benefits and this class fuses together birth preparation with movement, meditation and community support.

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